Do you ever wonder if you’re grinding your cannabis properly? Or maybe you have only recently discovered the wonderful green herb and would like to start grinding it and reaping the benefits of its amazing healing qualities.

Check out this four-piece aluminum magnetic grinder. The top or first level of the grinder comes off by lifting the top straight upwards. Do not try to twist the top off, simply lift the top to open.

The first level; the top of the grinder has diamond cut teeth. The teeth will grind your cannabis. The magnet is located in the center of the top. The magnetic closure keeps the lid and securely connected and keeps the content inside. When the top and second layer of the grinder are connected, you can test the grinder by shaking it and the cannabis will stay intact without spilling over.

The third piece has a mesh screen that will catch the cannabis grinds. The fourth piece of the grinder is the kief catcher or the kief collector. Inside the fourth piece, you will find the kief scraper. Now that you’re familiar with how the cannabis grinder works let’s get to the fun part and grind some cannabis!

  1. First, you want to remove the top; first layer of the grinder.
  2. You might want to break your flowers up a little and place them evenly into the second layer of your grinder, or just add them to the second layer in one swoop.
  3. There are a few ways to do the next step. First option would be to take the top of the grinder off, place it back onto the grinder’s second level while pushing it down to smoosh or compress the flowers. The second option would be to place your finger on top of the flowers and push them down gently into the grinder before putting the top onto the grinder.
  4. Now you are ready to grind. Keep in mind that you don’t want to turn the grinder in the same direction when grinding. That’s the improper way to grind your cannabis. Instead, you will want to grind first in one direction and then grind backwards to the opposite direction. Essentially grinding your cannabis back and forth.
  5. Give your grinder a little shake. When you take the top off, you’ll notice that the marijuana is no longer in the second layer of the grinder. All your cannabis has now shifted its way through to the third level of the grinder.

Tilt your grinder over and watch as your freshly ground cannabis falls out in a fine sprinkle. Now that you have your ground cannabis, you can decide how you would like to use it. You can make delicious edibles or simply smoke it. Enjoy!

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