Are you just getting started on your cannabis journey? Don’t be overwhelmed. It’s actually super easy to make edibles. You just need a good guide to follow. Check out these awesome tips for making your edibles. These are the methods I use, and they seem to work perfectly for me! If you remember these tips, it will make the process go way quicker and smoother.

  1. Get a scale- Buying a scale will allow you to accurately measure your cannabis. If you measure your cannabis the wrong way, that will affect the potency, and you don’t want that. You want your recipe to be accurate and precise so measure up.
  2. Choose Cannabis type- If you are a beginner, I would really recommend using shake or trim because it’s more affordable than flower or concentrate. Then hey, if you mess up, it doesn’t hurt your pocket.
  3. Decarb- Don’t forget to decarb which is basically applying low heat to your cannabis to convert THCA into THC. This process will make your edibles stronger and more effective.
  4. Choose a type of fat- Since cannabis is fat-soluble, it’s best to bind THC with Cannabinoids with a high fat clarified butter such as Ghee. Regular coconut oil is another good option. This works great when making cakes, cookies, or other treats, while MCT coconut oil is best for making pills, syrup, and honey. If none of these is an option, feel free to use olive oil.
  5. Choosing Lecithin- There are a couple of types of Lecithin. Powder, granules, liquid, and sunflower or soy. Sunflower is my preference and seems to work out great.
  6. Filter- You’ll want to use a cheesecloth or another fine filter, and strain your mixture. This will get rid of all the impurities and make your edibles pure.
  7. Label- It’s super important to make clear labels for each of your products. Some of them have a similar look to them, and you don’t want to get them mixed up. This also makes it safer to store, especially if you live with others.

See, it’s just that easy. I’d recommend bookmarking this post, and when it’s time to make some edibles, you will have a handy guide. And, please check me out on YouTube (Ahleaf Cannabis) and subscribe to this blog for more simple, and effective cannabis tips!