So, what is THC distillate exactly? The cannabis extract that has been stripped of its compounds and materials including terpenes and flavonoids makes up the distillate. Distillate is really the desired cannabinoids that remain in the product when you break it down. Basically, distillate is high-concentrated cannabis oil.

When cooking with distillate, people often question whether they should decarb distillate before cooking with it. That is not necessary. The cool thing about distillate is that it is already decarbed. You can easily loosen up or soften the oil just by dipping your distillate in a bowl of warm water before using it. You will want your distillate to sit in the water for around one to two minutes.

When cooking with distillate, while making edibles, you can combine the distillate with fats like Ghee, or butter. It’s not really necessary because it is already a highly concentrated oil. But, I prefer to mix it with a fat such as coconut oil or butter.

If you’re wondering whether or not distillate will make your house smell like you are cooking with cannabis, the answer is no. Since distillate has already gone through the decarb process, you shouldn’t smell it.

Why choose to cook with distillate? Distillate is the more convenient choice. You can skip the decarb process and begin whipping up your delicious edibles right away. You will save yourself at least 30 minutes when you cook with distillate.

You will want to cook with distillate because it is more potent than Kief and flower. Keep in mind that distillate is high concentrated cannabis oil.

The percentage of THC is much higher in distillate vs regular Kief or flower. THC percentage in distillate can go as high as 90%. The THC percentage in flower will never reach even half of that.

Distillate is an amazing cannabis product. It is super potent, high quality, and an exceptional oil for your pantry. If you like cooking with cannabis, you’ll find this to be a very simplified way that will save you time as you incorporate a higher level of THC into your diet. It’s a must-have to keep on hand for cooking all of youincredible edibles!

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