Do you want to get the most out of your Cannabis? Take its strength to the maximum level? There is a quick solution for doing that.

Decarboxylation- more commonly known as decarbing – is a fascinating way of converting THCA into THC and CBD. The purpose of decarbing is to activate the cannabinioids to achieve its full benefits – including the psychoactive effects that THC provides.

The process of decarbing is simply applying heat to your raw cannabis for a period of time. This allows it to remove a carboxyl group which intensifies the cannabinoids’ ability to interrelate with the body’s sensory receptors.

There are three easy ways to decarb your cannabis using an oven to process. The methods described below will facilitate the vital step of decarbing your bud.

Method 1

Use a quart size glass Mason jar. Make sure it has a two-piece lid and fill it with cannabis. This type of cover will help to reduce any odor that could emit. It consists of an outer metal ring and an inner metal lid with a red rim coating which makes the seal to the jar and keeps it airtight.

Method 2

Use a baking pan or a cookie sheet. Line it with aluminum foil and spread out the cannabis on top of it. Then cover with another sheet of aluminum. This helps to reduce emitting odors when heated. Fold the top and bottom pieces of aluminum foil into a pouch-like shape with the cannabis inside.

Method 3

Use a glass baking dish with 2–3-inch sides. Place cannabis directly in the bottom of the dish and spread evenly. Place a sheet of aluminum foil across the top of the dish to cover it completely.

For each of these methods, place the container in a preheated oven between 225-250 degrees for about 35-60 minutes. 240F is the most common temperature among cannabis chefs.