Cannabis shake is simply loose pieces of cannabis flower that have broken off from larger flower buds and have fallen to the bottom of your jar. Cannabis shake typically occurs during the natural process of handling your buds.

Shake may not be the most desirable form of cannabis; however, it’s totally underrated. It is just as useful and beneficial as bud, and it is convenient because it is not necessary to grind it before use.

You will have no problem using shake for vaping. Or if you choose to do so, you can easily pack a pipe, or roll a ‘J’ and fire it up. Another creative way to use your shake  is to make an infusion that you can add to beverages, or edibles such as cannabutter, canna oil, candies, and delicious baked canna treats.

If  you plan on using it to make edibles, you need to remember to decarb the shake, then strain the impurities out of the infusion. You can even use shake to make cannabis topicals such as soothing body lotions, hand creams, and healing salves.

Shake is fairly inexpensive. Considering, it is not aesthetically pleasing, and the freshness is not always top-notch – you can purchase it for a fraction of the price of whole flower nugs. How much would one pay for an ounce of shake?

That entirely depends on the quality and location of purchase. But regardless, it is guaranteed to be cheaper. On average, it would probably run between $40-$60 per ounce and $20-$30 for a half-ounce. Shake is a great solution if you are on a budget or if you are trying to minimize your cannabis spendings.

So, please don’t waste your ‘leftovers.’ You may realize the shake is a little drier, and you also might find a couple of small stems, but it’s really not that noticeable – and does not have too much of an effect on the efficacy. Shake usually still has a good deal of trichomes and cannabinoids and will definitely get you zooted if that is what you are aiming to achieve!

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