Do you have an annoying cough that you just can’t kick? Is it keeping you up at night and making your throat sore? If so, you will definitely have to try this recipe. This grape-flavored cough syrup with THC is a great way to soothe the cough and ensure you get relaxation, rest, and most importantly cough relief. The ingredients are simple and natural so you don’t have to worry about preservatives or any other impure ingredients like you would with store-bought cough syrup. The flavoring from the grapes tones down the cannabis’ herb-like taste and makes it more palatable. Honey is a natural cough suppressant — so just that alone will start helping. Fresh lemon is alkalizing and adds an extra vitamin C kick. And of course, the benefits of cannabis are endless. The combo of cannabis, honey, and lemon are a perfect trifecta to have you feeling great again!


Cannabis (5 grams)

Grapes ( 3-4 cups)

Honey ( 1/4- 1/2 cup) 

Sugar ( 1/4 cup)

MCT coconut oil (1-2 tablespoon) 



Prepare grape-flavored simple syrup

  • Place washed grapes in a pot and cover with water
  • Simmer on low to medium heat for 15 minutes
  • Strain liquid into a bowl
  • Mix in ¼ cup of sugar
  • Pour the mixture into a pot and bring to a boil until the sugar dissolves
  • Stir in ½ of a freshly squeezed lemon
  • Pour the simple syrup into a bowl and set aside

Decarb Cannabis

  • Weigh the cannabis to your potency preference, and place it in a mason jar with a lid
  • Decarb the cannabis in the oven at 240° for 40-50 minutes

Prepare cannabis-infused honey

  • Remove jar from the oven and mix in approx. ½ cup of honey
  • Stir in 1-2 teaspoons of MCT coconut oil
  • Place the glass bowl in a pot of water and double simmer for at least 2 hours
  • Filter out the cannabis with a cheesecloth (this takes several minutes) alternatively you can use a mesh strainer to speed up the process
  • Add grape juice to the bowl and mix well
  • Filter out any leftover impurities again using a cheesecloth
  • Add to a bottle with a secure cap and label it

This grape-flavored cough syrup with THC has a magical combination of ingredients that might be just what you need when you are feeling poorly. Once you take a dose, you will be on your way to soothing that irritating cough and quieting your system so your body can rest and heal. I’d recommend bookmarking this post, and when it’s time to make some cough syrup with THC, you will have a handy guide. And please check me out on YouTube (Ahleaf Cannabis) and subscribe to this blog for more simple and effective cannabis tips!