The LEVO 2 is a genius device that automatically infuses your herbal substances into impressive edible products and non-edible products.  The wonderful thing about LEVO 2 is that it does the work for you. No more standing around waiting by the stove for your products to be finished. Simply add the ingredients, press a button, and go about your life until the LEVO 2 alerts you that it is ready. One of the most common things the LEVO 2 is used for is to make cannabis-infused oils, butters, and honey. Below is a quick and easy way to make cannabis-infused honey in the LEVO 2.

Components and their functions

Pod- The pod holds and decarb the cannabis

Silicone Pod Protector- This part will protect the herb from burning during the activation process

Magnetic Stirrer- The stirrer helps infuse the carrier oil with the cannabis


Decarb the cannabis using the LEVO 2 pod

You must decarb the cannabis first as heat is necessary to activate the Cannabinoids.

  • Place the silicone protector in the Levo pod
  • Add the cannabis into the LEVO 2 pod
  • Measure the cannabis with a scale, so you know exactly how much herb you are using

The LEVO pod can hold approximately 7.5-8 grams of cannabis

  • Cover the pod with the silicone pot.
  • Place the pod securely into the LEVO 2
  • Turn on the LEVO 2 by holding the power button for a few seconds
  • Choose the ‘activate’ cycle to decarb
  • Decarb at 240° for 35 minutes
  • Press start, and the machine will start warming up
  • The LEVO 2 takes approximately 15 minutes to warm up
  • After it warms up, the LEVO 2 will start decarbing the cannabis

Prepare the infused honey

  • Pour approximately one cup of honey in a measuring cup
  • Place the magnetic stirrer in it he LEVO 2
  • Add the 1 cup of honey into the LEVO 2
  • Add 1 tablespoon of MCT coconut oil in the honey
  • Change the settings on the LEVO 2 to ‘infuse’
  • The LEVO 2 will warm up to the appropriate temperature 140F ( Keep it at 140F or under), and then it will begin infusing the honey

Place a small mason jar on the bottom of the LEVO 2, and press the button to dispense the honey into the jar

Utilizing your LEVO 2 is not only smart, but it is also convenient. So many people have busy lives and don’t have a ton of extra time to make their infused products. The LEVO 2 ensures that you will always have the time to create your infused products that are important for your health and well-being. The LEVO 2 is a fantastic investment and truly a lifesaver!

I’d recommend bookmarking this post, and next time you want to prepare some infused honey with LEVO 2, you will have a handy guide. Please check me out on YouTube (Ahleaf Cannabis) and subscribe to this blog for more simple & effective cannabis recipes and tips!