What is THCV?

Cannabis is typically known for inducing the appetite and making most foods seem mighty appealing. That is how the popular term “the munchies” came to be. However, there is also a less common component of cannabis known as the cannabinoid- THCV. THCV can do quite the opposite of THC, and it actually suppresses the appetite. This best-kept secret offers a superior and natural way of losing weight. It also offers a plethora of other desirable effects and medicinal benefits.  Check out below for some frequently asked questions and the directions for making the THCV infused oil. I hope you learn something new today!

What are the Potential Benefits of THCV?

  • THCV suppresses your appetite, and you will not have the desire to eat much.
  • THCV has strong anti-inflammatory properties that may control inflammation and reduce pain.

What Strains have a large percentage of THCV?

THVC cannabinoids can be found in African cannabis strains such as Durban Poison, and Malawi.

Does THCV Get You High?

According to research, you would need to consume a large amount of THCV to feel any intoxicating effects. THCV is typically used for its medicinal and weight loss effects.

Get started on your potential cannabis weight loss voyage with just two simple ingredients and a couple of minutes of your time!


1 cup Olive oil

0.5- 1g THCV isolate


Since the recipe calls for isolate, the cannabis does not need to be decarbed

  • Place isolate in a bowl of hot water to loosen it up.
  • Measure out the olive oil
  • Add the isolate to the olive oil
  • Let the oil simmer on the stove for a few minutes using the double boiler method
  • Continue stirring the mixture
  • Pour the oil mixture into a mason jar with a lid

Replace junky diet pills and shakes with THCV-infused oil. Try it out and see where it takes you on your weight loss journey. The natural cannabinoids certainly won’t harm you like the sugar, and preservative-filled store-bought weight loss supplements do. THCV is a revolutionary game-changer for sure. Take cannabis to a new level and see what it can do for you. With THCV, you can potentially lose weight and improve other aspects of your health at the same time. The great thing is that it won’t make you tired; in fact, you will end up gaining more energy as you lose weight and reap the healing benefits. THCV is where it’s at!

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