Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Create culinary alchemy with strawberries smothered in infused decadent chocolate and infused with Hennessy.  Imagine intermixing the most delicious ingredients into an edible masterpiece. The flavor combinations of fresh strawberries, creamy chocolate, and the bold taste of Hennessy are unmatched. Believe it or not, you can whip some of these sumptuous confections up with only a few ingredients and a little attention to detail. Check out the basic recipe below, and within no time, you will have created a most impressive, premium adult’s only dessert!



1-2 cups Milk Chocolate

1/2 cup White chocolate


2-5 drops Food coloring 

1/4 cups Canna oil or canna butter


Marinate the Strawberries in Hennessy 

  • Wash the strawberries and place them in a large glass bowl
  • Pour Hennessy over the strawberries
  • Cover the glass bowl with plastic wrap
  • Refrigerate the strawberries overnight
  • 12 hours later, remove the strawberries from the refrigerator and dry thoroughly

Prepare the Infused Chocolate

  • Place chocolate chunks into a large microwaveable glass bowl 
  • Melt the chocolate in the microwave for about 2 minutes 
  • Stir in canna-oil or canna-butter to the melted chocolate

Skewer the Strawberries 

  • Poke a stick in the back of each strawberry
  • Pull the leaf back and dip each strawberry into the infused chocolate (gently shake any extra chocolate off of the strawberry)

Decorate the Strawberries 

  • Melt white chocolate in several bowls
  • Add food different coloring to each bowl of chocolate 
  • Pour the colorful chocolate into piping bags
  • Drizzle the strawberries with the colorful chocolate 

Infuse with Hennessy 

  • Pour the Hennessy into a large bowl
  • Squeeze the Hennessy into small pipette
  • Remove the strawberry sticks and replace with a pipette 

When you sink your teeth into a juicy strawberry, your tastebuds will explode from the pleasant surprise of the strong flavor of Hennessy. Allow the sweet effects of the cannabis help you to unwind and forget about all of your worries. These cannabis and Hennessy infused chocolate covered strawberries are perfect for a cozy night date night at home. Your loved one will be over the moon when you present these remarkable hand-crafted delicacies. Place a tablecloth on the patio table, turn on a string of fairy lights, and enjoy the experience under the stars. You deserve it!

I’d recommend bookmarking this post, and next time you want to prepare some cannabis and Hennessy infused chocolate covered strawberries, you will have a handy guide. Please check me out on YouTube (Ahleaf Cannabis) and subscribe to this blog for more simple & effective cannabis recipes and tips!