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THC Chocolate Covered Apples

THC Chocolate Covered Apples – Easy Cannabis Recipe It’s that time of year again… the leaves are changing color; pumpkin spice is showing up everywhere you look. We drift into fall and all the feels are there as we reminisce and look forward to the…

Cannabis Recipes

THC Infused Hot Cocoa Balls

THC/Cannabis Infused Hot Cocoa Balls Hot cocoa balls or “bombs” are the latest craze this season! The hard shelled chocolate balls are typically filled with a variety of sweet goodies – and when water is added, they explode and create a decadent hot cocoa drink. …

Cannabis Recipes

Cannabis Infused Apple Sauce

Cannabis-Infused Apple Sauce Who can resist the smooth, fresh, flavorsome taste of homemade applesauce? It has been a preferred and favorite snack for ages. The great thing is, you can make delicious, blended applesauce from home in less than an hour. Infusing cannabis into the…

Cannabis Recipes

Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries Create culinary alchemy with strawberries smothered in infused decadent chocolate and infused with Hennessy.  Imagine intermixing the most delicious ingredients into an edible masterpiece. The flavor combinations of fresh strawberries, creamy chocolate, and the bold taste of Hennessy are unmatched. Believe…

Cannabis Recipes

Infused Chocolate Covered Oreos 

Infused Chocolate Covered Oreos  Are you ready to expand your edible menu with a new and exceptional dessert? These infused chocolate covered Oreo cookies will simply rock your world. The delicious morsels are crafted with cannabis infused chocolate melted over ‘America’s favorite sandwich cookie’. Even…

Cannabis Recipes

Making Infused Edible Jelly Crystals

Do you want to create a distinct cannabis edible that will truly impress? What if I told you that you can easily produce amazing and unique life-like infused crystal candy? Adorned with exquisite colors, cannabis infused jelly crystals are virtually majestic. These gelatinous edible rocks…